Finally an answer!!!

by Becky

So for years now I have had many different "quirks" which people notice and often make jokes about, for example I don't like being touch, it freaks me out and I get anxious and upset. I have quite alot of phobias including spiders, things that fly such as moths and butterflies and mascot costumes. Alot of my friends also say I have OCD as I like things done a certain way and get distressed when they are not. I often struggle to sleep if it is not completely dark and I am constantly tired and lacking energy, to name a few of the many "quirks" I have.

I have known for some time that I have all of these things different between myself and a "normal" person. But just a few days ago I decided to see if I could find a reason as to why I dislike loud noises as this affects me alot. By doing research on this I came across this site for SPD. Up until this day I had never herd of SPD and as I read through the list of "symptoms" I began to cry as it was like an explanation as to why I find many things so hard in life and it made me realise I may not be the only person like this. I tried explaining to my boyfriend as soon as I found out as he is the one who knows most of my quirks the best. However I dont think he quite understood what I was telling him.

I would like to find out more about SPD and possibly get a diagnosis but I am scared to do so. I know in my self that this is the explanation for the way I am but i dont know how to bring it up with a doctor or how to explain it to anyone else.

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