Finally know I'm not alone at 32!

by Julie

I've been diagnosed for years as having AD/HD...but I've always known there was more. I've been told I'm bipolar and several other labels but everything came back to the AD/HD. But all the research I was doing on AD/HD for my graduate work never explained half of why I felt and did things the way I did. My son was diagnosed a year ago as being PDD-NOS at 10 years of age. The more we dove into learning about Autism I found out about SPD.

I took several checklists to several doctors and they are now pretty certain my son and I both are an AD/HD with SPD diagnosis. However we're just waiting on the DSM to recognize us as a "real" disorder. It's just nice to know I'm not crazy and that there's a reason I and my son are the way we are!

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