Finally this might be the answer

by Alicia

I am a mom of a wonderful guy who has puzzled me for the last 19 years. I have searched many books, looked for answers, visited with different people and finally was directed here. I want to cry - joyful that maybe this is what I have been dealing with and sorrowful that so much time, anguish, tears - good days and many many many bad days could have been greatly reduced had I known about this two decades ago.

I really hope that it is not too late to turn things around for this young man. It is comforting to know that at least I picked up on the cues and knew something was not right. It has taken all the patience and love that is humanly possible to deal with all the daily drama, melt downs and social issues.

We, my son and I, have dealt with extreme sensitivity to sound, light, smell - fear of crowded places, the sadness he has felt when he can't find a friend or feel like he fits in. We finally had to get out of the public school system. However, now as a young adult, we are now dealing with depression, drugs and learning how to interact appropriately with adults in authority.

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Nov 30, 2008
Its OK!
by: Anonymous

Reading your post brought tears to my eyes. My son is 6 right now and we're having all those struggles too. I'm 37 and its crazy how many of those SID symptoms I have too - maybe more asbergers?

Anyway, with your love and guidance your son is going to be OK! Love heals all things - I know how great the feeling is to finally understand what is up! But I've heard most CEOs have ADD, and as a successful self-employed book publisher (and mayor), I think many of the quirks of SID/ADD end up making for solid adults once you can exit rigid school life and those darned social pressures (thank goodness we're only 20 once!) and make your life conform to your unique personality.

Maybe you could look into experiential education, like outward bound or NOLS (national outdoor leadership school)? That really helps many kids find their way. Even AmeriCorps is great for kids looking to find something within themselves. I found out about experiential education in college and it literally saved me. The idea is that you get out and climb rock, mountain bike, hike, etc. It really gets to you more than sitting at a desk reading books. Inspires so much confidence!

I think if he can just find his own way (which remember is a lifelong JOURNEY!), everything will be great. Try the Pitchfork Commune in Denver, Colorado!!!! Your love and support and guidance are invaluable! Stay in touch! Bless you both!

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