by Aidan's Mommy
(Kalamazoo, MI)

My son Aidan is 22 months old and just today we were finally able to have a child developmental specialist listen to our story and believe us. I have always maintained that my child was different from other children, but was always told that I was not disciplining him enough or that he was just a busy kid. I have also been told that it is just a phase and that he will grow out of it. I pretty much thought I was crazy. I had the hardest time getting anyone to believe me. It was very frustrating.

The biggest issue that we have is sleep. He has been a horrible sleeper ever since he was born. And it just keeps getting worse. Last night it took us 2 hours to get him to sleep. He was in bed, had his eyes closed, but was fidgeting so much that he could not fall asleep. He has such a hard time relaxing and slowing down. He is such a sensation seeking child. He is constantly on the go, very distractible, loves strongly flavored foods, loves touch and to be touched, licks and mouths EVERYTHING. He crams his mouth full of food and then spits it out. He still has severe separation anxiety, but at the same time loves to be around people. So I don't get much of a break.

Some days are better then others, but we struggle with at least one thing everyday. It is hard to get him to listen to me and usually involves me having to physically touch him to get his attention. He is extremely smart and gets bored easily, so that usually leads to him getting into trouble. However, all and any disciplining that I have tried does not work. And it is not for lack of trying.......

I could go on. He has several symptoms on the lists that I have found. And now I have finally gotten the right people to listen and agree to at least evaluate my son. I would rather be proven wrong then to struggle with this for a long time. Besides the fact that we are expecting son #2 in February! So, if you think that your child is having any kinds of these issues, keep pushing until you can get some definitive answers! It is well worth the fight!

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Nov 06, 2009
undestand SPD
by: Anonymous

hello I comprehend you, because I have same situation, but with the difficulty of to living in ITALY, where we do not know sensory processing disorder.very wish for you

Nov 05, 2009
Keep it up
by: Anonymous

Have a very similar story and it gets better the more you understand sensory and as the child ages what they begin to understand. As for the other people in your life it will always be a battle. Keep fighting!

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