I have suffered from this condition for over 29 years. I can remember as a small child screaming bloody murder because my socks did not "feel right" If the seams did not go perfectly over my toes I would have a melt down. In addition to the sock problem, I became severely aversive to jeans of any kind. That tight feeling on my waist still gives me the creeps to this day. I live in leggings and sweatpants. The only time I have ever been able to wear jeans relatively comfortably is when I lost weight and managed to get down to about 140 pounds. ( I have been big my whole life and I know that has a lot to do with the sensitivity as my stomach rolls tend to bulge out more when I sit down so things get tighter and more uncomfortable )

Bras have been a source of misery for me. Absolutely no underwire, no lace, nothing padded, nothing except soft jersey material. no seams across the breast. I am afraid to even try on something new. There is maybe 1 or 2 brands that I can tolerate and I buy 10 at once. Even when I buy 10 of the same, sometimes a bunch of them still dont feel right and I avoid those.

It has been a big problem my whole life. Everything has to be of soft jersey material. If I walk out the door wearing something slightly uncomfortable, I will dwell on it until I am almost in tears. I get extremely irritated, nauseous... generally very pissed off and angry.

For example I am wearing a new bra today and i can feel every stitch in it. there is no reason why I should feel this way but I cant help but want to run home and rip this stupid thing off as fast as possible.

Like I said, Im 29. Ive learned how to deal with it. it hasnt been easy but there are ways to live your life and be ok!

would write more but this bra is really bothering me... thanks for reading. you can email me at


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