I'm a 16-year-old girl who was always at odds with the world around her, right from infancy.

I had and have problems with almost every single section on that list. Touch, taste, smell, hearing, sight, and sleep all have issues with me.

Social problems aren't foreign to me, either. I was almost totally rejected by my peers for no apparent reason- most of them just didn't like me. I developed depression, anger management problems, and basically hid from the world to the best of my ability. School... was a nightmare. The bullying had gotten to extremes.

Home was't exactly pleasant, either. My parents, (my mom especially) tried to get me to throw off the problems, the "unacceptable behavior". As if I could. My mother apparently had a much less severe form of the same disease, and she went to great lengths to "try to prevent me from going through the same thing she did". News flash, Mom: YOU FORCING ME TO EAT FOODS I DON'T LIKE AND INTERACT WITH MY BULIES DOESN'T HELP ME AT ALL!!!

I only got diagnosed with SID/SPD in the 8th grade, after the sleep issues became unbearable and Mom took me to a neurologist. Finally, all the "quirks" of mine were explained- rationalized.

I still wondered, though, if the diagnosis was truly correct. I had looked around on the internet and saw a lot of symptoms and probable causes that didn't belong to me. This list, though, confirmed what the neurologist had said. I had SID/SPD, and it was inherited. Everything's explained, and I'm glad to see that I'm nowhere near alone, either.

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