Finding an OT or Dr. in Tennessee

by Liz
(Murfreesboro, TN)

Help. I need to find an experienced pediatrician and OT in Nashville (Murfreesoboro), TN for kids with SPD. My son, 4, was diagnosed but to no credit of my Dr. I did the research and had him privately tested. I need to find a very experienced OT to not only help my child, but to work with me as well on suggestions, etc. Any suggestions?

The SPD Help Line Answers...

Ah, you are in luck!!! I went to's website as they have the best SI Certified OT database I have yet to find. It is THE place to find a qualified OT. When I found Tennessee, I happened to see one in your actual town listed. I am in no way endorsing her, in particular (since I don't know her personally), but she is closest to you and has the qualifications you would be looking for. Here is her contact information:

Name: Debra E Williams
Address: 1146 Bayard Avenue
Murfreesboro, TN 37130
Country: U.S.A.
Phone: (615) 848-0144
Fax: None
Certificate #: 1289 Certificate #: 2424

Also, make sure you read my newsletter entitled Starting Sensory Integrative OT... What You Need To Know, as it will additionally help you!

Hope this helps. Let me know, ok?

Anyone else from this area know of a good Dr. or OT for dealing with SPD?? Let Liz know below! Thanks in advance.

Good luck.
Michele Mitchell

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Jan 25, 2008
Need help in Chattanooga
by: Anonymous

Anyone know of a pediatrician and OT in Chattanooga that is experienced with SPD?

Michele Mitchell responds... Yes, please... does anyone know of one because there isn't one in Chattanooga listed on the usual database I use. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.

Dec 29, 2007
by: Liz

I just read your information from my question. Thank you. I am going to call first thing Monday/Wednesday morning to talk to her. I am reading up on this SPD diagnosis and it has me so concerned about the chances of my child not doing well in life if I can not get ahead of this and help him out. Very scary so this site is much appreciated.

Happy New Year,

Michele Mitchell comments...

Don't be scared. You are doing all the right things. You'll get him the help he needs and things are going to be ok! Untreated, not so good. Treated, he'll do just fine!!

Let us know if you have success with her and would/would not recommend this OT. It's nice to know for others in the same area.

Happy New Year to you too.

Take good care.

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