Finding the right doctor

by Cindy
(Cleveland, OH)

Our son has been diagnosed by an OT to have Proprioceptive Dysfunction and Tactile Defensive. However, the first doctor a Psychiatrist gave us an infomercial for this diagnosis. We at least had a foot in the door for occupational and speech therapy. Seeked another specialist,a Developmental Pediatrician, which understood the sensory integration, but left his diagnosis as a behavior problem. With this he sent us to another therapy and then would reevaluate later. Both speech and occupational therapists recognize he does have the original diagnosis,so we are looking for the right physician/specialist. Part of this relates to his school will not recognize interventions provided by an OT.

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Oct 29, 2012
by: Anonymous

Why is it so hard to find a Sensory Processing Disorder OT specialist? It seems doctors do not view this as a "serious" ailment and you are pretty much left to your own devices to find the therapist - the OT specialist - the Sleep Specialist etc by yourself - is there no holistic approach for our children - I live in NE Ohio - anyone found a diamond Doctor that pulls all their needs neatly together - I like most moms with an SPD child am very busy and tired with the turmoil the disorder brings to bear on a family - without the stress of feeling like I am making up my own treatment for my son! HELP, thanks M

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