Finger flicking in front of eyes

by claire

Hi.. Was wondering if you had any suggestions for finger flicking in front of eyes.My wee boy aged 3 has many sensory issues.Likes to throw himself back,upside down,sometimes spins, mouths objects,loves to watch things move,likes bright lights.

He is being investigated for ASD at present.

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Sep 30, 2019
Could it be Sunflower Syndrome
by: Anonymous

Does the hand flicking look like the behavior of children with Sunflower Syndrome?

Mar 19, 2012
by AJ
by: Anonymous

sounds as if there are some very real sensory related challenges happening with your son. age three is about the age i began to realize and come to terms with the reality that some of my son's obsessions, behaviors n selectivity about many things were deeper than just 'quirky'.

as he aged and was more verbal about his environment and the 'triggers' and as he continued through his days and weeks struggling with many things in his environment, i knew that i needed to learn how to help him.

pretty much everything you've mentioned in this post, we've experienced and do still experience, although not as often and as intense as we did three years ago.

we have benefited greatly from working with a qualified occupational therapist who is versed in sensory integration issues and who has been a great wealth of ideas and resources as well as a sounding board for our concerns. i would encourage you to seek out help if you have concerns. seeking help is not a sign of weakness, it is a sign of strength and courage. :)

Mar 18, 2012
by: Lulabelle

My son is approaching 3 and I am questioning if he has SPD? He hits milestones and is sociable, he is bright (picks up academic learnning, music and song very easily and knew all his colours even peach and lilac at 14 months old!).

He is OBSESSED with washing machines, however it does not end there, anything that spins, he will spin objects for hours given the chance and will watch wheels on his toy cars as he rolls them backwards and forwards. Most worryingly for me, he sings songs and waves in front of his face with his hand facing the wrong way to wave, he will do a funny walk where his eyes appear to roll and look out the corner of his eyes one way with head turned the other. He will (this is the most annoying one for me actually) chew his fist dribbling everywhere whilst grinding his head into the floor/bed/sofa/cushion/soft toy/me/his sister he especially does it when bored/tired/unwell.

He also wont try new things and is especially funny about drinks and the containers they come in, he is oversensitive and scared of all toys that move on their own, he hates everything at the park except the slide, the slide stays stationary and he moves so that is fine, as is a climbing frame type thing but swings/rockers/roundabouts and seesaws are a big no. He complains about noises such as lawnmowers and aeroplanes and cars on the road outside that i do not notice and yet he loves music, he is upset by blender and hoover, obsessed also with fans (they go round).

Any similarities?

Nov 21, 2011
re - finger flicking
by: Anonymous

my son (now 6) has mild spd but has always had a thing for fingers & hands in faces. both his own and other people's. your son is fairly young still but i would ask, does he appear to do it because he likes how it looks when he does it? is it just a random repetitive behavior? is he fascinated with how it looks? does he seems to do it out of boredom? when he does it, is he dangerous about it? perhaps you could find some fidget or play toy that fascinates him like a little light up, spinning toy for example and give that to him each time you see this behavior or sense that the behavior is about to happen. ?? good luck

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