First timer.. non diagnosed.

by Karen

Short and to the point,, I did the checklist and I'm the varied poster child for most of this stuff. Now to go get a proper diag./ Not sure how to do that..

I have been this way my whole life so Ive come up with various odd fixes that make my oddness even more odd. Some of the major issues are violent temper occasionally. Aversion to most touching unless its a deep pressure massage (god bless the ladies at the mall!!!)...preferring soft foods, unless they are snack foods... requiring huge amounts of time alone.. sitting under four nice sized blankets to just be able to deal with the world on a regular basis..

Intimacy hurts, that;s all i can say,,, I can only tolerate so much touching,, its fun to start crying all over your partner because you've been hugged or kissed to much and we wont' even get into the good stuff... how does one avoid this...?

I hate the back of my head or faced to be touched and can not tolerate it for long periods (a minute) of time....

Well any suggestions on how to start getting a diag would be very appreciated.. this site is a lifesaver.. literally..

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Dec 29, 2009
you just recognized the biggest part of the problem
by: Anonymous

Join a yahoo group some where or spdlife group,you are not alone as a adult even,but if you know whats wrong now you can explain it better,I thought i was being raped for 12 years of marriage because i hated all the touching,but if i could of said its not you its a feeling thing maybe life would be different,but its still for the best because i have a child with spd that as difficult as she can be I understand ...your on the road to a good place here..good luck many new options will come your way try some ot therapy at home even.Its cheaper then a psychologist who often does not recognize spd,no offense to those who do...

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