Focusing Issues

by Philip

My daughter is having great difficulty keeping focused in school. It is affecting her work tremendously. What exercises can we do to help with this?

The SPD Help Line Answers...

Hi Philip,

Although I can direct you to a few resources, I'm afraid I can't give you a big long answer, like I usually do ;o), until I get some more information from you. Can you respond via the comment box below with answers to the following questions?

1. How old is your daughter?

2. Has she been officially diagnosed with SPD? ADD/ADHD? Any learning disabilities?

3. Can she pinpoint any particular things that distract her? Noises? Visual stimuli? A need to move?

4. Is she currently in OT? How often? How long has she been going?

5. What have they been doing with her in therapy? What has been working? Helpful? Not helpful?

6. Does she have difficulty focusing at home (for example, when doing homework)?

7. Has she ever been evaluated by a behavioral optometrist?

8. Has she ever been evaluated for auditory processing issues?

9. Does she have a sensory diet? If so, is it followed consistently every day?

I look forward to your answers to these questions so I can direct you better.

Meanwhile, a few helpful articles may be the following:

  • Using SI Theory To Help Solve Problems At School

  • Problem Behavior In The Classroom

  • Using SI Theory To Help Solve Problems At Home

  • How To Help The SPD Child In The Classroom

  • Books that help with distraction and focusing problems

  • ADD/ADHD links and resources (although your daughter may not have ADHD, these resources, and the books above, can help regarding strategies to try)

  • Hope to hear from you soon with answers to my questions. Take good care. Thanks for reaching out for help!

    Michele Mitchell

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