by darlz

My cousin has a 2 year old child and she pee's in the potty but won't poop. She has not pooped for 5 days. What could she do for her?


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Jul 30, 2008
I understand
by: Anonymous

Hello, I am a Mother of a 5 year boy with SPD and problems pooping in the potty. For over a year we had to use a product call BabyLax, that you can get at about any store, to help him go poop. We finally got some help from some other parents and started to make going poop a game. We also got a book called Everyone goes poop. Here are our steps that we have to do: We start off by doing a race to the potty to see who can get there first, of course he always wins, then we made up a poop poop in the potty song to the beat of the piece from Bill Cosby Comedy "Push it out, way out" when he was coaching his wife though labor. We also bring in a little bag of M&Ms into the bathroom and explain that he can have them as soon as he poops in the potty. This so far has worked and he now goes every night and is now wanting to go by himself and then calls us when he is finished. I hope this can help.

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