Four yr. old daughter laughs when people are very ill or when they die. Whether she see's it on TV or overhears a conversation

by Ryan Chesley
(Sunland Park NM USA)

Please help... I come from psychology background and a red flag went up in my heart the first time I saw my four year old daughter smile while we were discussing that her Uncle was ill. I thought she lacked empathy, and attempted to exhibit more empathy myself and talk her through it. The same thing happened when her Grandfather (whom she loves and is very close to ) was in the hospital. The latest incident was last night she was watching the end of a movie with her Dad. The main character was shot, She smiled and chuckled, and tried to hide it. When I questioned her about it, she said she did not know why... and said she was trying to wipe it off. I would like to know if it is the age or if this is really something to look into. Thank you

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