Freaks out at sounds

by Patti
(Egin, Il USA)

My son Joey just turned 3 and has been in early interventions for OT, speech and social services. Lately any sound seems to set him off, even ones that he has heard before like cars, trains, sirens. When he gets upset he screams it's "scary" runs around and then tries to get away from it, he tries to go inside if he can. Once he is in he sits on the couch and "rocks" for 10-15 min.

If I keep him outside he gets more upset and it takes 20-30min before he starts to calm down. It's to the point that he won't play outside in the yard anymore. I'm afraid to take him places in case he hears something. He's hearing was checked in april and that came back fine. He had a medical dx screening and I was told that he has autistic tendencies but because he was engaging at the eval he doesn't fit the spectrum.

I don't know what to do and I know that something is "wrong" with him. Now that he is 3 we don't receive early interventions anymore. Any suggestions would be so helpful! Thanks

Patti Cronin

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