From existing in a box to living with the top down A balancing act

by Jaclyn Lawler
(Bayport, NY, USA)

My name is Jaclyn. I am a 29 year old single mother. I was born with sensory processing disorder. I am amazed their are other adults out there like me that are aware of this issue.

My functioning has been severely disrupted through out my life. I am just learning how to properly function now. It has taken 13 years to even attempt to function well half the time. I've been looking for an occupational therapist that does sensory integration for adults but cannot find one.

I live on Long Island in NY. I would travel. I have found little ways to help me take my life back piece by piece. I need help with this it is so overwhelming for me. Luckily I have a high IQ and was able to graduate with an Associates Degree with a 3.85GPA after only attending 4 months of high school.

I grew up in horrid conditions but I am an adult now and learning. I only figured out I had this 6 years ago. For the passionate creator of this website May God Bless You! I have so much gratitude for this issue being brought to peoples attention. Sincerely Jaclyn.

PS- I would be willing to give you any information about what this is like as an adult or explaining this to parents. I am the "perfect" poster child to adult. I was blessed with great intelligence, talent and beauty what about the people that aren't as lucky?

As the technological age dominates our society people with sensory issues are effected tremendously. I have so much to say I almost don't even know where to begin...

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Nov 05, 2010
Help Is Out There
by: Cary Maya


My name is Cary. I just read the short essay by Jaclyn Lawler that is posted on the welcoming page of this website. Ms. Lawler?s words touched me deeply and I was extremely impressed with her story. But I didn?t need to access a website to learn of Ms. Lawler?s success. Jaclyn happens to be my best friend. I have known her for the past decade or so. Though I, fortunately, do not suffer from this particular condition, I myself have challenges that affect my functioning as well such as Bipolar I Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and a slew of physical ?maladies?. Being such a good friend of Jaclyn?s I have over the years witnessed the impact that Jaclyn?s sensory disorder has had on her and how hard she has worked to overcome it. She has been and is a great inspiration to me and it is my hope that anyone currently suffering from this condition will choose to enlist her as a source of hope. It is with infinite pride that I write this brief message and I hope that those who read it will gain hope from Jaclyn?s success.

Thank you - Cary

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