Frustrated SPD Adult... Why not!!

Why not seperate all the SPD self help line questions into two categories... one for adults, one for children. I am an adult with severe, severe sensory defensiveness and I utterly disgusted with the magnitude of help you give and everyone else gives to children with sensory integration dysfunction.

I'm just very angry my sensory issues won't ever go away and I don't want to have to read through everything on your help line that I've already been through as a child, just to find some help as an adult for what ever rippled life I might be able to live. Thanks.

First, that is a very good suggestion about dividing the help line answers up into adult and children sections.

Now, as far as YOU are concerned... you sound desperate and hopeless. I would love to know if you have been or are in treatment at this point?? What have you done to actively address and treat your SPD? Do you have an official diagnosis? Have you worked with an OT? Have you done any "companion" programs such as Therapeutic Listening, Brain Gym, Interactive Metronome, The Wilbarger Deep Pressure Proprioceptive Technique for Sensory Defensiveness? What books have you read?

Professional treatment is definitely the key. I would love to know where things are at for you on that.

Also, please understand that

many, many of the concepts that apply to children regarding how to help them are truly the same for adults! You may have to be a little creative in making a suggestion more age appropriate, but the concepts are really the same!

I am glad you are doing something by reading the help line's to search for answers. I do find it interesting that you came across so very critical though to "free" advice. You might want to rethink that. Seeing the glass half full is always a good idea! I'm sorry things have been so rough for you... the anger is still so apparent. I hope you are actively doing something about this. OT, OT, OT!! Sensory Diets! Companion programs! Something every day to help your neurological system... professional help is best at this point, as an adult with such severe SPD.

When I reorganize my site, and my help line questions, I will certainly keep your suggestion in mind! I'm struggling with finding time right now... a lot of major life changes.

Thanks for your input. I would look forward to finding out what you are currently doing to treat the SPD. Feel free to respond to my questions about that in the comments box below, ok? I would like to see you more comfortable in life, for sure!

Take good care.

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