Frustrated to tears......? Me too.

by Zinzani
(South Africa)

Noises and smells can be very irritating to me. I am usually the first one to smell or hear stuff. It is no fun, because people do not understand how bad it can be to a person. I also strongly dislike being poked or slapped, the way people sometimes do in a friendly manner. I do, however, like being touched in an ordinary way, like hugging.

There is a bird living about 3 houses away from me, who sits in his cage and makes the most awful noises. It's like a tinny, screeching sound and it used to go on the whole day. Twice I went to speak to his master and twice the master bit my head off for daring to complain. But at least now the bird is quiet some of the time, which gives me a welcome break. The second time before I complained I WAS driven to tears.

Likewise any other repetitive noise will drive me up the wall. In my country we have little insects who sits in trees on a hot day, screaming their merry little hearts out, driving me insane at the same time.

Smells also drive me nuts. I will not walk behind a person wearing certain perfumes. I will either pass them or take another route. If a lady with bad perfume hugs me and my clothes smell of it, I will go home and change. Smells like paint or something like that, will make me flee the building.

Most awful about this whole thing is, it's getting worse as I'm aging. Instead of losing my hearing or sense of smell, It's improving by leaps and bounds. Yes, yes, I should be thankful I suppose and just pray that God will help me to cope with it.

I would just like to relay my empathy to everybody who struggles with this. I know how bad it can be.

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Jun 06, 2018
Misery Loves Company
by: Tina I.

I feel your pain! I have come to realize that I have had these issues all my life but they have become worse over time. The intensity of the smell issue, even smells people feel are good, I find overwhelming.

I explain to my husband that it is like having a bucket of ammonia poured over my head, you can't get way from it and it is all consuming. Sounds..barking dogs, basketballs,radio and talking.

Visually, an antique store or a store shelf can be way too much info for my brain to comprehend. Bright lights, moving lights. I have been prescribed Effexor, that helps some, and I carry a survival kit.

Ear plugs, Sunglasses, and simple germ masks will help keep out smell molecules. My new boss would not stop wearing perfume, I had to wear the mask all the time. I retired. Suicide is thought of at times.

May 17, 2016
Squeaky floors!
by: Anonymous

I have moved twice in the past seven months because of squeaky floors and neighbors yelling, etc. It drives me absolutely insane until I become depressed and get anxiety attacks. I cannot stand the sound of squeaky floors in an apartment building. And now I have moved to a place that was built to be sound proofed, but I did not know until I moved in that the floors were horrible upstairs and squeak with every step the guy takes. I have to live with ear plugs in or I will literally want to start screaming. Is there any remedy for what I am going through.

Apr 04, 2015
by: Optional

Oh, dear friends!

Right now a bird is shrieking. The same shrill pattern that to me means something is dreadfully wrong.

I adore the smell of spring, but all that sound-absorbing snow is gone. At least there's moisture now, which was lacking all winter, a sinus nightmare.

Does anyone despise the smell of coffee like I do? Never could bear the cloying odor, and that odor is EVERYWHERE! Everybody is brewing coffee, the Y, the store, the school, the hospital, my kitchen, the jail. CANNOT STAND IT; CANNOT ESCAPE IT.

It's frustrating. It's oppressive. Why do I have to be such a freak?

Jan 21, 2015
So I'm not the only one.....
by: Zinzani

Yes John, voices drive me up the wall too, as do potato crisp eaters....the chewing and the noise the package makes when they fish for the contents.
And how about people playing with their keys, or something similar? If it is a person I know well, I will gently remove it from their hands and put it down on the table. Even feet being shuffled on the floor, e.g. in a meeting when somebody can't sit still.

You guys have no idea what a relief it is knowing that other people go through the same stuff and I'm not a freak.

Antoinette, I feel so sorry for your son. The poor kid. Earplugs do help when there is a maddening cricket outside my window at night, but it is not a very practical solution in a public place. But thanks , anyway for your comments, both John and Antoinette. It's much appreciated.

Jan 21, 2015
by: john

This sounds like a description of myself, so I totally get you! People don't understand that stuff they consider normal life sensations are excruciating to others. How about voices? Ever drive you up a wall? Listening to loud-talkers sometimes brings on anxiety attacks. Or what about somebody eating a bag of potato chips? Sends me into intense fight or flight mode!

Jan 13, 2015
by: Antoinette (South Africa too!)

Dear Zinzani,

My son has SPD and he can't walking into a shopping centre and not become nauseous, as all the different shops have different smells. He is mostly nauseous and wanting to vomit when we are out shopping.

Have you tried ear plugs or head phones that block out sound?

Kind regards,
Antoinette. :)

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