My son is 5 and has SPD. He is my second child to have this disorder. My oldest is 11, and though it was a long road he has overcome many obstacles and I am happy to say is doing great in school, is making more friends, and is a happier kid in general. My 5 year old however is struggling. He is sent home from school nearly everyday for hitting other children and even hitting his teacher at times. He has emotional outbursts primarily when he does not get his way. This involves crying, screaming, cursing, name calling, etc.. I was happy to read this and understand a little more as to why he does this when he does not get his way. It makes perfect sense that if he does not feel control in daily aspects of life, that he would become angry when he doesnt get his way. He is in a special education class the majority of the day, and his teacher informed me that she does not feel that his outbursts are connected to sensory because he primarily does this when he does not get his way.

My son will be seeing a neurologist next month, is currently OT, and will be starting counseling (hopefully play therapy) soon. There is a sensory diet in place for him at school, however I'm not sure how well it is being followed. I know at home, I have to give him choices with just about everything, but the choices are reasonable, and he may not like either choice but he decides with little outburst. I just dont know what else to do.

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