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My name is John. Occasionally I feel full of excessive energy and involve in disruptive behaviour such as breaking things around me and hitting others in my vicinity. Another problem that I face is that I have intense feelings to people whom I like the most and especially from opposite sex. I wish to know if I have a way out of this. Sometimes I involve in a lot of physical work hoping to get over my emotions.

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Oct 28, 2010
by: Anonymous

Thank you for the valuable comments

Oct 27, 2010
Help for those with energy/aggression overload.
by: Anonymous

Hi John,

You remind me of my son, who has bad vestibular problems (he was born with SPD/autism) and also diagnosed with ADHD and a conduct disorder. He will get excessive energy and lash out aggressively or be defiant, or climbing the walls, leaping off furniture, breaking things, etc. for no reason.

I find that if I have him physically exhaust himself by walking long distances with me, doing lots of heavy work exercises (which help the brain organize the senses) or let him go out and climb things, he is able to calm down and function.

You may want to try doing these things 1-3 times daily for 15 minutes or more and see if it helps.

Your body just gets a sensory or energy overload and you need to do things to regulate it.
You can also look into taking a pharmaceutical grade sensory supplement that will regulate the level of dopamine in your body. My son takes Neurobiologix Advanced Neurotransmitter Formula daily, which is mostly chelated B vitamins/minerals, and it helps him to feel better and stops alot of the sensory impulses and issues. Focalin is another option that we have used, though it is a pharma drug with stimulant side effects. Thanks to these things he can sit in class without bouncing around and control himself better when he wants to lash out for various reasons.

Please know that you are not alone and there are lots of things you can do regularly to help yourself control and win over this problem.

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