Gail, Washington state resident

by Gail
(Washington state)

My name is Gail, I'm 73 years old and am now convinced that I have been living with SPD all my life, but not diagnosed. Yes, it is real.I have had many other mental health diagnoses, none of whose treatments have ultimately given me relief from my symptoms.

Now I am beginning to use the "sensory diet" from an Occupational therapist, which includes using a core strength therapy ball, swinging on playground swings, brushing my body, working with fidgets, therapy putty and other sensory objects.

I am willing and ready to offer anything I possibly can to educate psychiatrists,therapists and the public and advocate for those children and adults living with this disorder. I agree that many, if not most, mental health professionals are ignorant or disbelieving that SPD is a real disorder.

Thank you for this site and for the opportunity to validate and learn more about my experiences.


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