Getting diagnosed

by Madeline

I am a fourteen year old girl. I went to physical therapy for many years in elementary and speech therapy as well. My parents and I had thought that it had got better and gone away. Until about sixth grade, when I started to have excessive headaches, then not very long after that I became more sensitive again, if anyone ever comes up behind me and taps me on the shoulder or anything else like that or even if I can see them, they are very lucky to walk away with there hand still attached to their body and no other injuries. I can't stand loud sounds and am a very picky eater.

I want to know if there is anything I can start doing again to make all of this go away, because it's distancing me from my family and friends(i haven't gone out with them for almost a year) I went to a special physical therapy preschool where most of the friends I had there are now diagnosed with autism, downs and other things like that, i just recently started looking back into it and wondered if it could be SPD, is there a way I could get checked and diagnosed? It's effecting my school work as well, I can't be close to windows and every sound is ten times louder than what anyone else hears, that's the basics of it, in high school my grades are starting to slip as I can't concentrate

Thanks for the help!

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