Getting her hair cut!

by Deborah Woodruff
(Youngstown, Ohio)

My grandaughter is going to be 11 years old. She has Therapy everyday for her issues, finally got her brushing her hair but her hair is getting long and out of control huge knots in it. We cannot get her to let us cut it. She is very large and could kick your butt if you tried. I even thought about contacting a doctor and putting her to sleep to do it. What do you think is that too extreme, I am desperate, tried bribing her, talking about it to her over and over, to no avail. please someone she is sooo difficult. What can I do. its embarrassing taking her anywhere, same wore out clothing, shoes, coat. people just don't understand.

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Apr 19, 2013
Getting hair cuts
by: Baxs Mom

I had that problem with my son for years! We tried everything... brought him to "fun" kids places with TV's, had someone come to our house (that had a autism child and the patients of a saint) and I tried doing it myself while giving him breaks in between... nothing worked!! I had to do my best job at cutting his hair while he was asleep (along with nails) Now that he is 8 it is much better. I'd like to say it was because he outgrew it but it is more likely that it is because of the antianxiety meds he started. Good Luck!

Apr 18, 2013
Tips on dealing with not brushing/ cutting hair
by: Vicky (UK)

Hi , my daughter is 9 and is very sensitive to having her hair brushed and would squeal everytime we had to brush it . Then I found a hairbrush called Tangle teezer which is designed to get through knots far easier than a normal brush , we also use a detangling spray which makes this task alot easier . With regards cutting her hair , I get a hairdresser to come to our house to cut my kids hair , that way it's more relaxed being in a familiar environment which removes the stress of getting ready to go out .( my daughter also has meltdowns over clothes and has such a limited wardrobe now its ridiculous).I ve found my daughter is less likely to have meltdown in front of an adult who's not family so bringing in an external hairdresser / adult may work ?

Good luck and know that there's so many families sharing the same feelings and difficulties so you're not alone .

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