Getting other people to understand SPD

by alison

My son is turning 7 tomorrow, I would like to explain SPD to the other parents of his classmates as they have already misunderstood his behaviour and I want him to be accepted as a regular little buy who may be a little different but is still fun to play with and ask over for a playdate.

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Nov 16, 2013
Quick reply to Stephen
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much Stephen for your advice, I think you hit the hammer on the nail when you say explain to my son's friends, especially in front of the parents as sometimes if it is the other way around , parents are inclined to enforce their own opinion onto their kids and are very judgemental.

Nov 15, 2013
Talk to the children
by: Steven

I think all you can do is to explain what it is like for you as a parent who is raising this 7 year old boy that has SPD. How your day can become very unpredictable, and at the same time how each day brings rewards as well. Milestones that he has hit and areas where he has excelled and also areas he has reverted back a little. Believe it or not, I tend to talk to the friends of my son in front of their parents and explain to them why my son is the way he is. The kids get it more than the parents.

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