Getting Ready for Kindergarten

by Jamey Risse
(Missouri, USA)

My son Jason is 5 years old and was diagnosed with SPD around age 3. He has been attending Early Childhood Special Education since. I have seen lots of progress, but we moved to a new school district this year and he seems to have had some set backs at school.

I am very concerned how he will transition to kindergarten. He gets upset easily and has trouble setting still.

Does anyone have any advice that will help us make this transition? His current preschool teacher doesn't seem as up on SPD and ways to help as his previous teacher.

Has anyone been in this situation??

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Feb 07, 2009
PreK to K transition
by: Anonymous

Hi Jamey: Get some SPD info into your child's teacher. I am a pre-k at risk teacher, and I can tell you that teachers are not informed on SPD unless they take an interest, go to a workshop, have children in their class, etc. There are SO many things that teachers have to be aware of in our little preschoolers, that it is hard to be up on everything.

Is your child getting Occupational therapy at school? The OT with your school could help you and his teacher w/ transition, and I would suggest seeing if your school has any of these books:

* The Out of Sync Child
* The Out of Sync Child Has Fun
* Sensory Secrets - Jump Starting Learning in Children
*& there's lots of other SPD resources that would be informative and helpful for your son's teacher.

Then, when he goes to Kindergarten, you'll still have to be the advocate for him, because chances are those teachers won't know much about SPD either! Good luck w/ your journey! Keep yourself informed so that you can inform others in helping your child!


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