Getting tested

by Cindi
(New Jersey)

I made an appointment for my son who is 9 with a Neurologist. I want him to be tested for ADD. Now that I have been to this site, I realize that he should also be tested for Sensory Processing Disorder. Is this something that the Neurologist would also test for? His appointment is on Nov. 24th and I want to go knowing what he should be tested for. Thank you in advance for any info!

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Nov 16, 2008
by: Darlene

I'm sure everyone has something different to offer. My experience is that you will get a different kind of diagnosis from different kind of doctors.

My son was first diagnosed with Tourettes Syndrome from a Child Development and Behavior Specialist. The Neurologist we saw for a follow up suggested medication to help him focus in school. He slept through a couple weeks of Kindergarten before we took him off of it.

The next neurologist suggested that he had ADHD and that we try a non-stimulant to help him focus in school. After several months with out a difference we took him off at the end of first grade. His teachers passed him to 2nd grade with us agreeing that we would put him back on the Strattera.

Over the summer we took him to an Occupational Therapist who suggested that he only had Sensory issues. Then came the recommendation that we read The Out of Sync Child. Lots of info and checklists in the book to help.

Back to another Neurologist who suggested Aspergers... We are done with Neurologists. Also the 2nd grade teachers were happy with my sons progress when they thought he was being medicated. When we told them that he was off the meds, they suddenly decided that he was not focusing well. We set the school straight on how we wanted our son to be educated and with out medication. He does very well in small groups.

He is now in third grade and going to OT twice a week. He is getting to an age where we can talk to him. Figure out if he is having an issue that he can't control or if he is choosing not to listen.

The problem with diagnosing certain disabilities, is that they have many symptoms in common. My son had symptoms from many different childhood disabilities, but the treatments all don't work for all kids. My sons ADHD symptoms are caused by his Sensory issues.

His therapist thinks that maybe they are a result of a hard birth. We have learned to deal with his symptoms day to day. Not as a disability. Although Insurance may only pay for OT sessions if there is a popular diagnosis. SPD is not as recognized yet. You know your child better than any Dr. My sister swears by medication for her 12 year old son with ADD. It helps him in school. Do what works. Good Luck and let me know how it goes.

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