Going round in circles

by Wendy
(Orlando, Florida, USA)

My Son, from as early as 3 years, had a need to be moving or be in something, or on something that was moving. So, if he couldn't be in or on a moving object he would find something to walk around. It would be the kitchen island, or in this case, for this story, the cart in the supermarket. It used to drive me a little crazy after about 10 minutes, so I would normally try distraction.

However, on one occasion(he was 6 at this time), I just turned to him and asked him PLEASE to stop going around my cart as I was pushing it down the aisle. He did.. for maybe 3 minutes.. as I was busy reading ingredients on a product, I caught a group of people gathering out of the corner of my eye. To my horror, they were all watching my Son. I called over to him to STOP, and return to me! His answer was, "But Mommy, you are very silly.. I wasn't going around in circles.. I was going around in SQUARES!" Said to me as if I was the dumbest mother on earth! How could I not SEE that!

He is now 18, knows every single type of bird that exists in Africa, and is a walking Encyclopedia! Thank the heavens! I don't need to use spell check :)

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