Going through this

I am almost 20 years and I have been dealing with Tactile Defensiveness for all my life. It has been so hard because i am afraid of certain materials like feathers, silky gloves, mittens, and other people's hair. When people have these material on them i get into the "fight or flight" mode and ill stay away. I am scared of human contact as well.

When i am in school i sit in the back at the corner so i dont feel like everyone is around me. And when i am at the mall and people are walking so close behind me i either walk to the other side of the mall or go into a store so the people walking behind can pass me. And when working with kids sometimes parents and grandparents will touch my shoulder and i move away because they were in my personal space.

This Tactile defensiveness effects me daily. Why does this happen to me?

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Aug 05, 2011
I can't tell you why
by: Anonymous

I can't tell you why, but I can tell you that you aren't alone. As an adult the best thing you can do is explain it to those you are close to. I've done a lot of work for my sensory defensiveness over the years but somethings I still can't handle. For these I've made things clear with those I spend time with.

If you don't like being touched explain to the kids about personal space and tell them you don't like to be touched. In return don't do anything to them you wouldn't be ok having done to you, it helps remind them and show them how important it is to you.

Good luck and keep doing what you can.

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