"Graduating" from Occupational Therapy

by Julie
(Spokane, WA)

My son, who is almost 8has been going to an occupational therapist every week for about 3 years. During his last evaluation, he "graduated" all requirements and no longer needs to go. The Ot told us that if he distractability picks up again, he can come back again. I am unsure of the process of the therapy. Is this common?

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Jan 29, 2016
SPD diagnosis?
by: Julie


My child was previously diagnosed with SPD but many MDs don't believe it's a diagnosis in itself. I even had a developmental pediatrician say that there is something else driving the condition, we all have some sort of sensitivities, etc. I am a parent stuck in the middle of this grey area. My child tests normal in so many areas (no autism, no aspergers which doesn't exist any more in the DSM, slightly ADHD but not enough for meds, etc.) I am curious if other families are experiencing this? Have any other parents tested their children specifically in the area of executive functioning difficulties? My child tests low on that but I think many kids would esp since it doesn't fully mature until early twenties. I would greatly appreciate any information from you!

Jan 27, 2016
Middle school
by: Jenniifer

Be careful about middle school. There are all kinds of changes that may be disruptive to the SPD child that middle school may bring out. Be prepared before they enter. My son melted down in the first month and we are just picking up the pieces now.

Feb 15, 2012
Gratudating from OT
by: Kim

Yes it's common to graduate from therapy. If goals are met, clinicians must discharge. They have to show progress being made. The nice part is you have the skills to work on w/ your son and chances are he'll need tweeking or a re-evaluation at some point. Congrats on graduating! :)

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