Grandaughter, age 8 - HELP

My granddaughter started showing signs of tactile defensiveness as a toddler, especially the socks issue. But we didn't know what we were dealing with. Now, at 8 this has become a major issue and a very troubling one. The main problem now is she dislikes the feel of anything that makes her skin feel smooth, like soap and water! She panics if you even mention a bath or shower. She won't even wash her hands with soap. She will run them under water, but then not use a towel to dry them, because that makes them feel soft. If you make her use soap she will have a major meltdown, have trouble going to bed, and will hold her hands in the air for hours even as she is falling asleep because she feels they still have soap on them and it will get on the sheets, etc.

She has had a few sessions with an OT but I see this as only getting worse and affecting her self esteem,personality, relationships, hygiene (obviously!), and even nutrition, because she won't eat foods that she considers greasy. Any help out there?? Desperate Grandma.

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Mar 06, 2010
this might be helpful?
by: Mom of 2 year old son with SPD

Maybe try and introduce other tactile stimuli daily to her so she gets used to other textures. Like slime or pudding which can feel similar. Incorporating music might help? I find that the music has a calming effect for my son. whenever i am stuck with a situation and i'm looking for a creative solution....I google it. I have been googling different treatment ideas non-stop since my son was diagnosed with SPD. There are so many resources out there with great ideas. Good luck with your granddaughter...You are not alone!

Nov 29, 2009
Same soap phobia.
by: Anonymous

I have this problem with my daughter. I lost my sleep over those things. She's 13 and she's diagnosed with Asperger. She did not touch soap in years, she uses shampoo in her hair and rinses a lot. I still didn't find help for this problem, but I am searching...only someone that deals with the same thing can understand. I think that in your grand daughter's case, it is a sensory issue. You're on the right track. G-d help us.

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