Granddaughter refuses to try anything new, refuses medicine

by Kelly Krause
(Santee California)

My Grandaughter at the age of 10 months started stemming. At 12 months would walk on her tippy toes. By the age of two would eat only specific foods, She also could not stand to have the labels rub her neck. She is now 8 years old, having difficulty in school.She says writing is hard for her and she can't keep up. She is absent all the time, says she has a headache and does not have friends. She is now eating only dinosaur nuggets and toast, ritz crackers. She will go hungry before trying anything different including a different brand of chicken nuggets. She will not drink milk, only water.

She refuses to take any medicine at all. She use to take tylenol chewables, but won't even take it for a headache. We have to get shots for antibiotics due to her refusal to cooperate. We had a psychologist test her and they could not find anything wrong. I feel lost on how to help her. I can see she is upset too.

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