Grandmother of SY

by Anon

Sy has been a very sensitive little guy since Birth now he is 27 months and I am seeing new strange behaviors. His speech is delayed and he does not seem to be growing in all ways.. I had him for 3 Days and I experienced spitting on things, mouthing rugs, items etc. He was not cooperative and would not eat the usual things. He has been Diagnosed with sensory issues. Currently having speech therapy once a week nd OT same. I do not see changes. Any ideas?

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Nov 14, 2012
by: Anonymous

How long has he been in therapy? It takes time. My own delays where 11 months behind when I was growing up. It varies from case to case. But reading outloud is good, but read with him as he gets older, make him help you sound out the words, or maybe him imitate you, and at this young, maybe just trying different things and seeing if you can get him used to them, just try to keep an eye on him and make sure you don't stimulate things too much. Signs of this would be getting physically sick, holding his ears, hunching his shoulders, that kind of thing. If he starts showing signs like that, give him some space and come back to it after he's had a chance to rest and calm down. For fine motor and gross motor skills you can also try everything from art and music to playing catch. Especially music and maybe painting or drawing here because of rhythm. The information on this website is helpful and informative, and also try looking up a man by the name of Bill Nason. He's an Austim and sensory processing specialist. He has a page on facebook called the Austim Discussion Page, and I've found a lot of useful information there too. Best of luck, know that it does get better with time and patience!

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