by Neina
(Galax, Va)

My daughter has 2 kids, one is 18 mo.-other is 4 yrs old. The 18 month old wont let his mother out of his sight, and he will pitch a fit until she picks him up. If she goes out side to smoke a cigarette, same thing, but he can see her through the window. When he talks he yells.

They live with us, she is recently separated, I am about to leave home myself, please tell me what I can do, to make this child to quit acting like this! thank's Neina Draughn

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Apr 30, 2009
Take a step back
by: Anonymous

My daughter had the same separation issues. What I didn't realize is that she has a condition called auditory defensiveness this is when the brain misinterprets a sound giving the child a feeling of FLIGHT or FIGHT. Because ordinary sounds terrified my daughter she was completely dependent on me, needing to see me to feel safe.

She could not trust her environment, her brain told her to panic that she was in danger yet no one else seemed bothered so I became her safety barometer. Can you imagine not being able to trust your own eyes or ears? Now can you imagine being that small and not being able to express yourself?

Also too, don't rule out the anxiety over the separation it might have been enough to make the child anxious. If the baby truly has SPD he can't help it. You have to remember that a child only wants to make his family happy and for them to be proud of him and he doesn't understand any more than you do his own behavior. I'm sure if he could make you happy he would but this condition makes what should be simple things, very, very difficult and frustrating for everyone...especially him.

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