Grandson age 16 diagnosed at age two with sensory processing disorder , speech apraxia.

by Rebecca Culp
(Rock Hill South Carolina )

I have a 16 year old grandson that was diagnosed very early at age 2 with sensory processing disorder.

We took him to therapy, The therapy only continued for a couple of weeks due to insurance. He was able to get therapy for the speech. He only eats three foods . Absolutely no meat or vegetables. I try to compensate with protein drinks. He has Motor skills problems, can’t tie his shoes, never learned to ride a bike. Only text you on a phone, will not talk personally. He has High anxiety levels. But is social with certain people at school.

Does not know his own space. Bumps into everything. He is a very sweet person. His mother is deceased.(three years ago )He is an Honors student with a 4.8 GPA. But Has to write everything down because the information will not keep if he doesn’t. He has books of notes. I know this is wearing him thin.

He worries constantly. His latest issue is that he is trying to learn to drive and that is MY biggest fear. Too much information coming at him at one time. The instructor says she had to grab the steering wheel 10 times , and He almost drove directly into a medium, and he acted like he was in a daze. I personally think his brain was getting too much information.

What can I do to help my grandson? He is precious to me.

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