by Susie
(Murrieta, Ca)

I am so grateful for this website. My son is almost six and is currently being seen by many professionals who all have their opinions on the cause of my son's behavioral issues. ADHD, high functioning autism, and SPD. I am not a professional, but I feel in my heart that it is SPD.

He will be working with an OT after summer and we will continue to see our pediatrician to try to find a correct diagnosis. He is pushing for the ADHD route and medicating. While if I felt good about this, I would be for medicating but I really feel that SPD therapies might be the answer. Unfortunately now that summer is here, he won't be able to work with the school (who are more for the SPD route) for a few months. That is why I am thankful for this helpful and supportive website. Thank you! Thank you!

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