Guide leader

Have a 9 year old child. She came from a large scout group to our small girl guide unit 7-8 girls. I know these groups are loud and boisterous.

Parents said child was not coping well in the other group. So they put her with us in a smaller group.

Child is quiet. Lacking in some fine motor skills like she has never learned them. She will not speak up so we can hear her. When she speaks you can see her lips move but can't hear her. Or mumbles and you still can't hear her.

Quiet, too quiet never speaks unless spoken to then mumbles. well behaved. Seems like she is afraid to do things for fear of doing them wrong.

When you speak to her she just smiles sometimes like she did not understand what was being said. She does do the activities with us but I noticed she watched the other girls to see what is being done. Can't do things as well as one of our 7 years old.

Parents are at a loss to know what to do. Doctors have found nothing wrong.

Can you help or suggest something. That may of been over looked.
Thank you

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