Gut Instinct Knew Something Was Different

by Jessica

There was something going on with my son from the day he was born. We have never received an official "diagnosis", however, I know as his mom that there was something wrong.

He was born 10 pounds 2 ounces with low-blood sugar after a c-section. Of course, they took me to triage recovery room after the c-section and allowed me to nurse him. He, however, wanted NOTHING to do with nursing. He arched his back and screamed bloody murder. He DID NOT want to be held. I fought for four days with the hospital staff about nursing him. I wanted to nurse exclusively, but he was a little fighter.

He was supplemented minimal amounts of formula, b/c the hospital staff was concerned about bringing up his blood-sugar levels. They thought he would "calm down" once his belly was full. That didn't work.

He didn't have his first poop until 36 hours. We took him to the ER on his eight day of life, b/c he had such bad colic that he hardly slept at all and then finally crashed like a drunken sailor for EIGHT HOURS. I thought he was dying, I was so confused.

ALL medical personnel seemed to think nothing was out of the ordinary. He would go for eight days at a time without pooping. He would cry ALL day and then finally have a poop and feel better for a while.

He hardly ever slept.

At 10.5 months I put him on goat's milk. His behavior did improve.

We lived in a small house close to a busy road and sitting in our living room he was terrified of the noise from the cars driving by.

One morning around 18 months of age, some geese flew over the house and "honked" and I didn't even notice, until my son said, "goose".


was treated for reflux. Nothing calmed him down. One day I was so frustrated that he would NOT let me hold him, I just held him and refused to let go while he cried bloody murder. He was around 18 months old. He cried and fought me for what seemed like an hour. I prayed over him. I felt like I was fighting for his heart. Finally, he relaxed in my arms and from that day he was much more relaxed.

He is 3.5 now and MUCH better, however, he still screams when washing his hair in the tub. We got him an electric toothbrush and that seems to help. He used to freak out in crowds, around any loud noise. This year he did fairly well at the parade.

My story is: no one believed there was something wrong, but I knew there was. As a parent, I have continually worked with him. I guess I'm just doing "home" therapy or "mom" therapy. I force him to wear his shirts even though he complains about the tags. I don't give in to it and he seems to forget about it.

He obviously has a minor problem compared to many children, but I believe he does have a real problem and I am just pressing through with him. He is much less shy, doing well in preschool, however, he still has aggression and tempers at home and needs his "downtime" or we get in trouble.

Thanks for this page, it is encouraging to know I'm not alone. Many of my friends with children my son's age have treated me like I'm doing something wrong. However, I had twins 9 months ago and finally have one "easy baby"! (The other is following in her brother's footsteps). I now know what other people with "easy" children experience. Wow...


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Aug 13, 2009
Third Grade!?
by: Kerry

I read your experience today as I was prepping information for my son's new teachers. After a long road of confusion, fear and frustration( he was born two months prematurely) our son is able to move from a private school with developmental focus to a local montessori school. We are so proud of him and so fearful of this transition. We hope that we will be able to make the nurturing connections at the new school necessary for understanding and mutual respect that we found at the private school.

Our son has been sleeping very poorly in anticipation of this transition. In addition he has been more anxious and aggressive as the first day of school approaches. He has attend two summer camp weeks at the new school and he was able to meet one of his new teachers. However today I must go and try to explain his challenges.

I pray that their hearts are open to hear me - rather than just feeling overwhelmed by yet another hovering parent. The challenge of raising a child with sensory dysfunction continues.

Nov 30, 2008
Right there with ya!
by: Anonymous

Yep, our son (now 6) started life with a C-section too. Our doctor brags about how fast he can do it - I was like yikes!!!! Where's the oovy groovy slow transitional approach to entering life? Personally I think that JOLT may had had lingering affects for him, but what do I know - he's now 6 and doing OODLES better!

Every day is like a separate journey - I always say now "Today's a good day because my son is having a good day." It's like being on a rollercoaster without brakes. Thanksgiving was a total implosion - he freaked on the food so bad, I spent all day consoling him - there was SOOOO much build up at school and at home about the "feast" and he just locked up when that big turkey leg ended up on his plate. Poor little guy! I just want him to have a good day. One day at a time! Love and compassion!

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