Hair washing

by Jamie
(Channahon, IL)

I have a 5 1/2 year old who has always been a challenge to wash his hair. He has a procioceptive spd with no motor difficulties and has never qualified for any services through our insurance because there is no delay. He is an extreme risk taker and will jump off most anything and climb everything. We do the body brushing and joint manipulation, but just recently his hair washings have been a complete aerobic workout for me.

He will not hold his head back or cannot focus to hold his head back so every hair washing results in water in his eyes, nose and mouth. He has thrown up from hair washings and screams so loudly his veins pop out on his forehead. I thought maybe he might grow out of it but he is becoming worse and worse. My last resort is going to be to simply shave his hair to nothing and wipe clean. SO I am seeking any kind of advice out there to avoid this last step?

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