Hanging in there

by stacey
(Barto, pa, usa)

I have severe sensitivity to sounds, smells, and touches. I cut tags out of clothing, a sharpy marker is a good thing to have around, black and silver!! Ear plugs are heavenly if your ears can take them, even if its just for a little while.

I haven't figured a good way around the smell thing yet. Ive been thinking, ear plugs,nose plugs?? I can see me now, food shopping with my purple ear plugs sticking out, and my swimmers nose plug on! ha ha ha. I hear the buzz of fluorescent lights, so much for the greener way of the fluorescent long life bulbs. Considering Sirrus radio, to avoid the loud annoying commercials, also I think Tivo records without commercials.

My DH isn't happy about the surround sound not working, I think it the best. Felt pads and rubber pads are great for putting on cabinets, toilet lids, all of those things that go bump just way too loud for us. I figure the woman who lived in my home before we bought it must have had SPD too. All things were padded and buffered for quietness! I wish I had thought of that years ago at my old house where I would constantly leave cabinet doors open, never realizing it was because I didn't want to hear the bang.

I am living in slippers nowadays, since my feet are so messed up and oversensitive. I have cut numerous waist bands. And just said

no to Bras.

My older son gets a kick out of the fact that I am always on the lookout for what I call a good "TaTa" shirt - the ones that you cant see the tatas!! He says he is going to design a line of them for me. He is 11 and a Sweetie.

Im only a little over weight believe it or not. Things just annoy me to death. Earrings, Phones, necklaces, my dog, my cats, cold air, wind, showers, shaving legs, I mean what was the Creator thinking of anyway with the unnecessary hair??

Actually, I would be better off listing what doesn't bother me. Maybe one of the worst things though, is when it is a decent day, and then you purchase the new shoes, or the cool earrings and then 2 days later, they are too tight, or too heavy, blah blah blah, I have wasted more money on my ?"good"? days.

Right now Im so sick of sitting at this computer, but not sure where to go to sleep, near DH, who always wakes me up or near the dog on the other couch, who also wakes me up, or my one specially scented, very italian son or the littler one that moves constantly through the night? Maybe I need a nice dog house? he he, up too late.

Good night, hopefully I left a couple of good tips. Ill opt for ear plugs and the real bed, Johnny!!


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