Hard to potty train 3 year old with sensory processing disorder.

by holly
(michigan grand rapids)

I am not the mother or father of the child. I babysit him. The parents can not find any way to potty train him. He is a good kid, but can be very hyper.

He loves video games. I just can not get him to use the bathroom no matter how hard I try. He is three years old. I would really appreciate some help on how to potty train him.

Thank you in advance. It would help me out alot if someone could help me. Thank you.

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Takes time
by: Anonymous

My daughter wasn't diagnosed with SPD till she was five so I didn't understand her aversion to potty training until later. Looking back I realize much of it was tactile defensiveness. She also was scared of sitting on the potty and still feels unstable on it.

For her I used sticker charts. Lots of them!! It took a long time and I think many SPD kids get really frustrated when they feel they can't do something and give up prematurely. So I found that positive reinforcement was the best way. If I showed disappointment at accidents she was ready to throw in the towel.

Anyway, it took about a year to do it. She was over four before she was fully trained. Hope that helps! Good luck!

Therapist Seeks HELP
by: katrina

Hello I have a 6 1/2 yr old patient who refuses to potty train. The school is threatening to hold him back because of this. In my observation he is tactile defensive and doesn't like germs . I am doing the brushing protocol and sensory integration therapy with this child.

Not a whole lot of gains due to the fact that the family is not supportive and no carry over at home and school. They want me to fix this . I am writing to who ever is out there to VENT and say HELP!!!!!!

what we did
by: marisa

HI there-

2 of our kids have SPD and our 8 year old was just diagnosed with autism but very mild. He just learned how to have bowel movements and we believe the lack of muscle control was to blame. Because of his sensory issues he wasn't in tune with his body and could not feel the sensation. He was out on Miralax to soften the bowels to show it shouldn't hurt.

O.T. helped him big time and so did waiting. I know you probably didn't want to hear that but because of our experience with our 8 year old we will wait with our 3 year old.

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