Has anybody tried hyperbaric oxygen therapy for SPD?

by Sheila
(Columbus, OH)

My daughter has pretty severe auditory defensiveness. Loud sounds hurt and scare her and lead to meltdowns, and her own loudness is off putting to other children (not just from meltdowns; she's always loud). We have done listening therapy, which does help, but she seems to be worse lately--the worst she's been so far. She's already 7, and I want to get her the help she needs to do better in school (she also has problems with concentration and work completion) and not be shunned by other kids because of her behavior.

I have a friend who finished hyperbaric oxygen therapy for her 2 autistic children with amazing results, some of which I would like to see with my daughter (better eye contact and concentration) and I'm wondering if it would be beneficial to her even though she's not, technically, autistic.

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Jul 18, 2010
Zeolite--Columbus, OH
by: H Clark

Hey there I've been using Zeolite as a supplement for my PDD son and it's helping his sensory overload issues with audio. I quit for a week and he went back to plugging his ears and fussing at everything. Added it back in, and he's golden! Try Waiora's NCD!

Also it would be cool to do a co-op on a Hyperbaric rental! If we could find multiple moms, it could be so cheap!

Jul 11, 2010
Sounds interesting!
by: Anonymous

This sounds really interesting! I've never heard of it but would like to know more. Thanks!

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