Hates going outdoors . I need help with treatment that can be done at home.

by Savanna
(Cape Town ,South Africa )

After 7 years of frustration , i read this website and many things I have identified in my daughter. I know now what the diagnosis might be but how do I lessen the impact on both our lives .We have no social life as she hates going outdoors.

1. very fearful of animals- birds, dogs,cats, insects etc
2. fearful of new people and new places
3. always wears long sleeve tops and long pants. Always has to wear a panty and vest under her clothes.
4. doesn't like hair dryers or combing hair
5. loves being suffocated with a cushion or a heavy weight like myself lying on top of her until she can't breath anymore.
6. Cannot go to sleep on her own
7. Prefers her own company or very small group of friends
8. Instantly likes or dislikes people . If she dislikes someone , she instantly has an intense fear of that individual.
9. Can obsessively talk about one thing for days even weeks
10. especially if it is has a negative context for her.
11. Will not use public toilets. Not even at school. No matter how clean.
12. Afraid of being locked into a room or car.
13 Picky eater. Does not not like texture. Only eats meat and Sushi . Won't eat chicken or fried fish.
14 Very scared of the house burning down
15. will not go to the movies or watch a DVD on a television . Will only watch a DVD on a computer screen that she has control of.

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