Have Misophonia but just realized I probably also have SPD

It's so nice to realize that I'm not alone. I've had most of these issues since I was very young. I also have Misophonia. I have not been diagnosed with SPD so I'm not 100% sure that's what I have but so much of this is familiar.

I've had issues with certain types of clothing since I was young but it's gotten worse. I haven't worn jeans in years because of the way they feel on my legs, I actually feel intense anger and sometimes cry if I try to wear them. I've recently had issues wearing a bra and now can't wear one for more than a few minutes before I need to rip it off. This has made life in business very hard as I have to wear a bra to my meetings but it's all I can think about all day and I have to take breaks in the bathroom to take it off and give myself a break.

Sudden Loud noises send my heart into my throat and are followed by intense anger. I hate being touched softly and am extremely ticklish. My handwriting is atrocious and my wrist hurts from writing most the time. I am extremely clumsy, always bumping into things and covered in bruises. When I was little I broke my arm brushing my teeth because I brushed too hard and pushed myself backwards and fell off a stool into the wall. My parents always tease that

I'm heavy handed and put too much force into picking things up or doing tasks with my hands. I can't deal with bright light and need complete dark to sleep.

I'm not sure if this is part of it but once I notice something I can't concentrate on anything else and it will actually make me angry. For instance, the blinking light on a smoke alarm in a hotel or the black bars on the top and bottom of some movies. I actually can't watch the movie unless I get rid of them or they are the only thing I can see. I love the feeling of some fabrics and rub them compulsively on my face while I can't deal with other fabrics. I am very compulsive but have been diagnosed with OCD so that's the cause of the compulsions.

I constantly chew the inside of my lips and cheeks . Strong smells either disgust me or give me a euphoric feeling depending on the smell. There is so much more, too much to describe. I have never put all of this into words and reading it makes me sound so difficult and crazy! I am able for the most part to hide these issues; I think I come across as normal to most who don't know me well. Luckily my husband is super supportive and thinks my "quirks" are cute or so he says :) I guess I'm just wondering if this sounds like SPD?

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