He spit in my face!!

by dejay

My son kept getting in trouble for hitting kids in line at school when got into the 1st grade.

I was really concerned and I was just beginning to understand about his sensory issues.

After a couple of episodes of him getting into trouble I asked him "why do you keep hitting and pushing kids when you are in line?"

He said, "they spit in my face"

I was shocked and thought well I'd probably push them too.

One day he was complaining about one of his best friends spitting in his face and I realized....

"this kid has no front teeth and when he talks spittle flies from his mouth and lands on my son's face."

Younger children tend to stand very close to each other when they talk and my son was having a very hard time dealing with it.

When I explained to my son that his friends were loosing their front teeth and didn't know they were spitting he was able to tell them to please step back when they got to close.

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