Heart pounding??

by mo2g

My 6yo daughter gets very upset sometimes. You can call it a tantrum, meltdown, violent screaming fit, whatever, but when she gets upset, she is inconsolable and her little heart literally pounds in her chest. I don't know whether I've mentioned this to the psychiatrist she had been seeing or not, our regular doctor is zero help, and we get our first session w/ the OT this week. So I was wondering whether this was a common symptom or something we should talk to a cardiologist about. Anyone?

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Jul 09, 2009
stress response
by: Denise (Perth Australia)

I do know that when the body is under stress - as in a meltdown - various vital organs e.g. heart, lungs, etc, make a response to the adrenaline going the body at the time of stress. The response is an increase in the functioning of certain systems and a 'closing in' if you like. This makes the body ready for its emergency 'flight' or 'fight' response. Except that in a meltdown, the brain isn't making its appropriate responses to think straight. If the heart was pounding in her chest before the stress response or at other times, then I think I would be more concerned. But certainly keep asking the doctor about it. They should know after all! (well)

Jul 07, 2009
my daughter complains of shortness of breath.
by: Gates

I have mentioned it to doctors and they have all listened to heart carefully. I guess it is an anxiety thing. I wonder too if it could be something else. Just keep mentioning it to the doctor. I know I will.

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