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by Anonymous

How can I get my almost 6 year old son more focused and not so fidgety during circle time?

This is his first year in all day kindergarten. I'm so worried about his behavior he is does not listen and lays down on the carpet when told to get up. Then he laughs and thinks it's funny.

He has SPD. I want to try vests but they are uncomfortable to him and compression shirts are not helping.

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Sep 14, 2017
Try a dust mop head
by: Rachel

The fact that your son is laying down on the carpet says that he's looking for tactile input. I found a great fidget for my kids, a dust mop head, new of course. They are incredibly fun to run your hand along, through the fibers, back and for, etc, and give a great amount of sensory feedback.

I was actually able to buy some online for very cheap. Ask the teacher if your son can hold it during circle time.

Aug 31, 2017
Something to focus on
by: Anonymous

My sons preschool teacher gave him a small rubber ball to hold and he was able to sit in his chair through circle times

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