Help! Can you still gain new sensitivities even as an adult?

by Natalie

I was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder at the age of 14. I am now 19 and have become more aware of the particular things that are over stimulated for me. However, recently I have become overly agitated with fabric. I cannot stand having my own clothing rub against itself.

For example, when I am laying down it bothers me to have both my socks on. I am constantly only wearing one sock these days. I cannot wear pajama pants to sleep anymore because the fabric rides up and I become very frustrated. I now can only wear pajama shorts. I also get frustrated with the seam of my pants, I am constantly trying to align the seams a certain way. This has all developed over the past six months or so. First the pants, then the socks, then the pajamas.

I am worried it will get worse. Certain fabrics have always bothered me when I was growing up (and even today), but it has never been anything like this. So I guess what I am asking, is, is there any way that a person with Sensory Processing Disorder can obtain new sensitivities to particular things even as an adult?

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May 25, 2015
by: Ashe

I've noticed with my own SPD that some things go away with time and new things take their place. 14 was the age mine started really kicking in too. I'm 25 now.

Pants are terrible, it's gotten to where I never buy women's clothing anymore and just buy my jeans from the men's department because they're bigger in the seat and legs but narrower in the waist. (So it hangs on and doesn't fall off like if I bought bigger pants in the women's section.) I can tolerate the seams in things like leggings, but I'm still aware of them.

And I've noticed some things ebb and flow. I'll go through months where wind from ceiling fans and such never bother me in the mornings, and I'll go through months where it makes me sick as a dog.

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