Help for my daughter....

by Stacy
(Mundelein, Il (northern Chicago area))

Hello my name is Stacy Horcher My daughter Gianna (4) was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder when she was two. Right away we got involved with helping Gianna. Everything my husband and I do revolves around helping Gianna but we feel like we are out in left field all alone waving with no one to help.

Here is a little of what's going on and maybe you can help or point us in the right direction... Right now Gianna is getting great help from her school district but we all know that only treats problems dealing with the class room... So we had her in private OT and waiting to pick up private speech. She started at a new place in January and now they have just informed us our insurance does not believe Gianna needs OT that she will "grow" out of her disability. We cannot afford to pay out of pocket for these services and I hate to think of the regression that will happen if we can no longer help her to recover. I feel like her OT should have been a great resource for us I was hoping that once we got her in to this program we would be with people who could guide us in the right direction as far as resources and support groups but they seem as much in the dark as I feel. So I have taken it upon myself to find out as much as I can on my own.

There has to be help out there for families like us... There has to be schools and groups out there for children like mine... What my daughter has is real and I refuse to sit by and let her suffer because insurance companies are ignorant! So I am not sure if there is anything you can do but ANYTHING would be appreciated!

Thank you,
Stacy Horcher

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Jun 25, 2009
This site kicks booty!
by: Anonymous

I live in a very rural area where there really is no access to an OT. The local county therapist provided by the county and I are learning all of this together. Fortunately for us we live in a community that really pulls together on any and every issue and have created quite the net work of support here. Most of what we've learned has been on this site. Don't forget to continue to work at home with what you know. You can often gleen wonderful info from other peoples questions and comments, and don't be afraid to ask the site anything. The only stupid question is a question not asked.

Jun 24, 2009
Sensory Issues
by: Kim Sullivan

My insurance did not cover my son's OT so we had to pay seventy dollars a week for it. It was well worth it and due to the lack of coverage and a great OT, we managed to get a lot of advice for at home things to do. The once a week in OT is not nearly as important as working in the sensory work throughout her day. My OT turned me into a mini-OT therapist by the time we were finished. I can easily work on problems that come up and work with him on teaching him strategies. My suggestion is to get instruction on home activities from the OT and pay for as many sessions as you can afford. We have a smaller house than we want, we don't have dish network or cable TV and have old cars, but it is worth it to get him what he needed. It is amazing what you can do at home with an OT to guide you. Good luck and wish you the best!

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