Help for Sloberers and Lickers

by Janie

I work with special ed children in a Life Skill classroom. We have a young lady in our class who is both deaf and legally blind. She has seem to get out of the stage of vibrating objects, feathers, and other textured things. She has this thing now where she intentionally will slobber (both drool and forcing spit from her mouth without actually spitting).

After she slobbers, she will rub it all over her face and continue to do that on a daily basis. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what to do to prevent this? We have tried various cremes and lotions on her hands to help prevent her from doing this. We are out of ideas.

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Aug 01, 2010
Can relate
by: Anonymous

I also teach Special Education. I had a child with Autism doing the same thing. I suggest asking your Occupational Therapist for help. Our OT said that the child was doing it for sensory input. We started doing some oral massages and it help stop this behavior.

Mar 06, 2009
by: Ericka Morgan

I can only guess that she is doing this to meet some sort of sensory need? could you provide water play of some type, I know that doesn't sound age appropriate but something with a similar feel? Maybe if she felt the cool wet feeling in another way she wouldn't have to do it this way? Also, it is possible that this is an attention seeking behavior. Have you addressed that? hth!

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