Help me with my daughter

My daughter will be 7 in July and she still wears a pull up every day. She pees while she is awake and doesn't realize she is doing it. She has recently been diagnosed with SPD. We don't know what to do. One person is telling us that if she is on a sensory diet, the peeing will stop. Another person is telling us that they are two separate issues. And yet another one is saying that they are two symptoms of an umbrella problem.

She has been tested for seizures and epileptic episodes showed up during one of her EEG's but not the other two. She is adopted and there was cocaine, alcohol and tobacco use during pregnancy. She is very smart, but can not do simple, every day things, such as dressing herself and staying on task. She recently started going to OT. It was supposed to be for a sensory diet, but the therapist is spending all of the time working on posture. She said that is was for sensory, but I need to know how to help my daughter with a sensory diet. She was diagnosed with ADD 2 years ago, so she is on medicine for that. We have been trying to figure out how to help her for over 2 years and we are not getting any answers. I am so frustrated, we are not any further along in helping her than we were 2 years ago.

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