Help! My 7 year old 2nd grader will not poop on the potty

by Zoraida Matos
(Maplewood, NJ, USA)

My son has refused to be fully potty trained since we started when he was a toddler. He jumps around and holds his belly in whenever he feels the sensation to poop. He rarely sits still because he often feels the sensation to go. We have tried everything from rewards to punishment.

We had him seeing a therapist who concluded that he has a lot of anxiety issues. The worse part of this situation is that he is really irritable all of the time. I worry constantly that he will get sick because he is withholding his bowel movements. Of course, when he can hold it anymore, he usually goes in his underwear. What can I do?

My next step was to take him to a child psychiatrist and have him evaluated. I know he is capable of going to the bathroom, because he has evacuated in the past and was very proud of himself. But then, just like that, he stops and doesn't do it again.

He gets very angry when we try to talk to him about the importance of being clean and going to the bathroom. It is really upsetting to see him struggle with what clearly is something he can do for himself. How do I help him?

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1st Grader
by: Shannon

We have a first grade foster son who holds in his poop as well. He has seen every specialist possible.

Finally one doctor told me to give him Miralax every night before bedtime. It worked! He still doesn't go poop everyday but he goes 3-4 times per week. The Miralax doesn't allow him to hold it in.

This isn't a long term solution, but it is helping during this stage of life.

Help for 7 year old who won't poop
by: Anonymous

My daughter did the same thing wouldn't poop in the toilet. I just let her be. She's 14 now and suffers from all types of anxiety. Get him help ASAP!!!

Sometimes we parents want our kids to be just like other normal kids. Worst mistaken we can make. Listen understand and get him help.

We have an almost ten year old daughter with a similar problem
by: Naomi

Our Downs mild PPD daughter will announce that she needs to make but refuses to go to the toilet either voluntary or involuntary.

However sometimes she is willing to be talked into going if you have the patience to reason for at least 4-5 minutes. She likes the challenge "let's surprise mommy" but more often than not she refuses. Hence she goes around in diapers.

At her special needs school they have tried a toilet training program with very moderate and inconsistent success over the last 9 months. Anyone with advice out there?


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